Off the bucket list!

I did it!

I’ve wanted to start a blog spot for a year or more, and today I said enough already it can’t be that hard! So I jumped in feet first or hit the ground running or whatever catchy phrase comes to mind! I hope as I share all the crafty hobbies I love with you, you will be inspired by whatever is floating my boat at any given time!

I love getting inky, the more mess I make the better! A creative mind is rarely tidy right?! I dabble in many things I love to sew, craft, paper craft, paint, DIY, upcycle furniture and cook and bake, garden, and travel.

After living in the city for thirty years I moved to the country. It’s been an adjustment but it allows me a beautiful view, a garden of delicious foods, and quiet, beautiful peace and quiet. In my spare time I work as a registered nurse although I am somewhat retired. I am married to my soulmate, my love, my one and only. We passed thirty five years in November. I have been blessed with three children and a beautiful granddaughter. I have a beagle named Herbie. These things have blessed me and finally and most importantly I am a Christian, I was always raised in a Christian home, dedicated my life to Christ when I was sixteen and continue to lead my life with the guidance of Christ Jesus.

I would love to have you visit my crafty life and share with me what is giving me joy and making me happy! I hope your day will be blessed and I hope I can create a blog space that will make you happy too! Be kind.

13 thoughts on “Off the bucket list!

  1. Looking forward to it Michelle. You always create amazing things!


  2. Congrats Michelle.


  3. Rebecca A Underwood January 31, 2019 — 8:27 pm

    Cool! looking forward to seeing this!


  4. Geat beginnings cuz


  5. I want your autograph!


  6. Congratulations on your Blog Michelle. You are off to a great start. I’ve never been in a blog before, don’t really know what to expect.


  7. Looking forward to your creations.


  8. Sharon Gullikson August 26, 2019 — 10:42 pm

    Congrats. I wouldn’t know the first thing about making a blog.


  9. Congrats!


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